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Monday, September 20, 2010

Time to retire the hummingbird feeder again-

Summer is officially over. Labor Day has ocme and gone and just 10 days later, so are the tiny, entertaining buzzbomb hummingbirds that frequent my feeder. I get such a kick from watching these little, colorful critters flitting in and out of my yard, perching in the cherry and crabapple trees and chasing one another all throughout the neighborhood.

But as soon as the weather turns cool they are off for warmer climes and I haven't had a visitor to the feeder in a week now so it is time to take down the feeder and put it away until next Mother's Day.

Be safe my tiny feathered friends!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well, I got a job...

It's not as a logistician or scheduler or program manager or anything like I've studied or had paid experience in, but it's a job- driving cars! Mondays are half days, going out in a van full of drivers and bringing back cars to go through an auction and Tuesdays are a full day of actually running the cars through the auction barn.

Not great pay as you might expect but it is something and it is only 2 days per week leaving me the rest of the week to focus on finding an inside job and to grow Ogden Clear Headlights business. I expect I will be working at Powder Mountain Ski Resort after the snow flies so maybe driving cars until then will keep me occupied.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Raptors win!

Now THAT was a baseball game! After getting their butt kicked last night by the Orem Owlz, the Raptors kicked back today, even after going down 7 runs in the first inning, battling back to a 12-9 win! Woot!

Next week it is the Pioneer League championships against Helena with the first game in Montana on Tuesday and the final 2 games back in Ogden. I'll see you there Thursday night!

Ogden Clear Headlights now has a Facebook page!

You can see it here. I'm taking pictures of the headlights I restore and posting them there so if you want to see the results of my efforts, you can check them out.

I'm still hoping to get a URL registered and a website implementd but the Facebook page will do for now. Give it a "like" if you think of it.

Ogden Raptors drop a slugfest...


Well it is the end of the minor league baseball season and my beloved Ogden Raptors finished first in the Southern Division of the Pioneer League for both the first and second halves of the year, putting them squarely into the best of 3 playoffs for the Southern Division this year against the Orem Owlz. Friday night they beat the Owlz in Orem, 2-1 in the top of the 9th inning. Since the 2nd game was to be in Ogden last night, the BSU and I had to attend, hoping to see the Raptors close out this series with 2 straight games.

It didn't happen like that... Instead we got a marathon ball game that ended 17-10 in favor of the Owlz. The game lasted more than 3 1/2 hours and the Owlz nearly emptied their bullpen, putting 4 different pitchers into the 7th inning! At one point, the Raptors actually scored 6 runs in an inning putting them into the lead but the Owlz kept coming back and through some good hits and baserunning and some poor fielding by the Raptors, they kept putting runs on the scoreboard.

I guess the Raptors really didn't want to take today off to relax so they have to finish the 3 game series this afternoon. It's only 5 bucks for a seat so I'm going back to see if my team can find a way around the Owlz 1 more time this year. If they win, there's a Pioneer League championship series beginning next week for them to apply themselves to before ending their season.

Another movie you might want to skip-

The BSU talked me into seeing Expecting Mary on Friday evening. The spousal unit prefers to NOT know anything about a movie before attending but apparently she saw a tv advert for this one and since it was her turn to choose the movie, this is the one we paid to see.

If you thought Napoleon Dynamite or Juno were hilarious and significant movies, you might also like Expecting Mary. Otherwise, you might give this one a miss even though it is star studded with Linda Gray, Cloris Leachman, Cybil Sheppard, Fred Willard and Gene Simmons. (Wait, Fred Willard and Gene Simmons are stars?) It is a strange story of a 16 year old runaway, 8 month pregnant girl- Mary meeting a strange trailer court full of odd characters and finding a new home. The scene of her delivering her baby on top of hay bales in front of a nativity scene in the front yard of a church on Christmas Eve surrounded by her new, weird friends and rich, flew in from New York parents is so over the top that it is just hard to imagine. But it all turns out well in the end and love is spread all around with goodwill for all.

But it is weird!

Thursday, September 09, 2010